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The Landmark of Ancient City

A small gorgeous home to be explored in Southeast Asia, geographically situates within the tropical monsoon, sits between Vietnam and Thailand while the northern east shares border with Laos. Cambodia dramatically suffered from the tragic genocide between 1975-1979 which widely shocked the world and sadly processed more than 2 millions of lives in the country.

Cambodia is one of the best destinations in Asia, the fascinating Siem Reap is famed for its marvelous Angkor Wat, the unrivaled masterpieces & the finest architectures that make Siem Rea become a pearl city of wonder. Distinctively, from Angkor archaeology to the modern capital of Phnom Penh where precious Royal Palace stands, Cambodia’s southern coasts & natural islands offer the perfect relaxation of beach break, unlikely northern hidden Cambodia’s specialty.

When people talk about the fame of Angkor Wat temple, it reminds about the rich civilization of The Khmer Empire dated to 802 CE until the fall of Angkor in 15th century. Nowadays, the entire area comprises 181035 square kilometer with the southern coastline of 443 square kilometer. The country’s population is 15 million estimated in year 2017, with density of 82 people per square kilometer, basic income 3-5 US dollar per day, and 85% of the population relies on agriculture, farming and fishery.

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Cambodia Frequently Asking Questions

Cambodia Frequently Asking Questions

When is the best time to visit Cambodia? Peak seasons fall from the middle of December to the early of January, everything looks busy, hassle and hospitality services are unprecedentedly booked up quickly when most of people start to escape to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve. However, from November to the end of February is considered as the best period for planning a holiday trip to Cambodia…

Angkor Wat Temple

Siem Reap Province in Cambodia

Siem Reap is the significant tourist destination in Cambodia, 320km from Phnom Penh Capital with short flight 45 minutes, 6-7 hours by speed boat in high-water season (mid of September to December) and 6 hours by overland, it’s where hundreds of impressive ancient Angkor temples were constructed by Khmer Empire, especial the renowned Angkor Wat temple was built in 12th century…